Artist Ben Grosser focuses on the cultural, social, and political effects of software. What does it mean for human creativity when a computational system can paint its own artworks? How is an interface that foregrounds our friend count changing our conceptions of friendship? Who benefits when a #software #system can intuit how we feel? To examine questions like these, he constructs interactive experiences, machines, and systems that make the familiar unfamiliar, revealing the ways that software prescribes our behavior and thus, how it changes who we are.
This site was created as a logical extension to the original Commercial CP/M Software Archive. The focus has been expanded to encompass all types of "classic" #computer #systems and their #software, not just CP/M. #code
Working at the intersection of human nature, #technology, and systems transformation, our goal is to shift the mindset from which persuasive technology #systems are built, and to use that process to support crucial parallel shifts in our larger #economic and #social systems. raises awareness and drives change through high-profile presentations to global leaders, public testimony to policymakers and heads of state, and mass #media campaigns reaching millions. We also mobilize technologists as advocates and #collaborate with top tech leaders through open and closed-door convenings.
2020-5-9 #siteoftheday
We are creating an evolved brand identity #system for our movement. On this page, you can follow the #design updates and engage in the process.
Emil du Bois-Reymond proclaimed the #mystery of #consciousness, championed the #theory of natural selection, and revolutionized the study of the nervous #system. Today, he is all but forgotten. #science
The day-night cycle and the cycle of the seasons have been an important part of #human civilization for millennia. Today the discoveries from centuries ago are well known, but despite the superficial simplicity of #Earth revolving around its axis and orbiting the #Sun, the interaction between those two actually forms a fairly complex #system.