Although Canadian born, Nina Bunjevac spent her formative years in #Yugoslavia, where she began her art education before returning to Canada at onset of the war of the 1990s. She continued her education in graphic design at the iconic Art Centre of Central Technical School in Toronto, subsequently graduating from the Drawing and #Painting department at OCAD. After a decade of drawing and painting she discovered the passion for the narrative through #sculpture installation work, eventually returning to her childhood passion for #comics. #illustration
https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54320cdee4b00758e02f7c2d/5a4fb1d571c10b3b6ad2364a/5b71bc2a575d1f320be84fe9/1536188650078/Adamerovich_Normalizo_small.jpg?format=500w Alicia Adamerovich
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6a/Bernardino_Luini_-_Salome_Receiving_the_Head_of_St_John_the_Baptist_-_WGA13771.jpg/800px-Bernardino_Luini_-_Salome_Receiving_the_Head_of_St_John_the_Baptist_-_WGA13771.jpg LUINI, Bernardino
Salome Receiving the Head of St John the Baptist
Oil on canvas, 62 x 55 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris
2021-5-13 #siteoftheday
2021-4-21 #magazine
2021-4-20 #artoftheday
https://i.imgur.com/zHbRIeF.jpg Alfredo Vieira
i: @artedealfredovieira
2021-4-13 #underwatchfuleye
http://www.berzinsh.lv/images/big/3qEBudTJfebHy6Qr3euxYGiHPkr7B8JPfDo8BcRTOBrJ7A3uJZU4RNRoqrTdp2sJfCQXAUR3.jpg Blind Alley, oil, canvas, 2008.
Arthur Berzinsh
is a master's graduate of the Latvian Academy of Art Department of Visual Communication, one of the most original to emerge from this department in recent times. The artist, who has actively participated in exhibitions for 10 years now, has forged the reputation of being a "refined hooligan". #painting
2021-3-29 #siteoftheday