considers #books the best way to experience art. He has spent decades studying books about the art, mythology, religion, and #history of cultures from across geography and time. Entirely self-taught, Zupa looks to works by German Renaissance printmakers, Flemish primitives, abstract expressionists, Japanese woodblock artists, and Mughal painters for inspiration. He also frequently incorporates religious iconography from Europe, Asia, and Pre-Columbian Latin America with revolutionary propaganda from around the world. With a distaste for ironic art or the thoughtless appropriation of #culture, he integrates seemingly unrelated images in search of something universal. Zupa does not create any of his art digitally; everything comes from his own hand.
Graphic methods for presenting facts #infographic #design #history
by Al Doerr and Ken Levasseur is a free open content textbook.
is a #photography and rare fiction online bookseller based in #London. We ship worldwide daily. We specialise in collectable rare first edition photography and fiction #books.
is an independent fine art imprint founded in 2016 and based in Upstate New York, with a focus on developing challenging projects by emerging artists in small, high-quality editions that explore the notion of #book as object.
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Kazuo Ishiguro’s new novel Klara and the Sun explores the continuum between creativity and #technology. #book #code
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A People's History of the United States, Howard Zinn
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