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is a photographer currently based in #London, hailing from Cornwall. Interested in exploring the human body in relation to the natural form, a strong focus on the female gaze is maintained throughout her work. Through a juxtaposition of colour and storytelling with surreal undertones, she aims to bring curiosity and observance to her vision. She is involved in all aspects of the image making process, from concept, art direction, casting and darkroom printing, a one-woman force.
#London #film festival 2021
Panah Panahi’s Hit the Road wins award for ‘distinctive film-making that captures essence of cinema’
Svalbard named sixth best place to live as a #digital nomad; #London ranks 78th.
I was born in 1969 in #London, I am an English artist living in #Berlin.
The Michael Hoppen Gallery dedicates its booth at Photo London 2021 to influential Mexican artists, including images by Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Enrique Metinides and Kati Horna, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and a rare image from May Day in 1926
is a #photography and rare fiction online bookseller based in #London. We ship worldwide daily. We specialise in collectable rare first edition photography and fiction #books.
has expanded from its roots in Cologne, #Germany to become an international gallery dedicated to exhibiting the very best in groundbreaking modern and contemporary art. With galleries located in #Berlin Mitte, #London’s Mayfair and the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles – as well as an office in Cologne and an outpost in Hong Kong – Sprüth Magers retains close ties with the studios and communities of the #German and #American artists who form the core of its roster.
is an artist from #London in desperate need of a haircut. The majority of his work is deliberately depicted in felt tip pens due to the fact that he knows he can get a double pack of 24 for £1 from Poundland. Some of of his artistic influence include Gustav Klimt, David Bray, Aubrey Beardsley, Jack Kirby, Audrey Kawasaki, Mike Allred and last but not least Pat Butcher.
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Inspired by ancient Greek philosopher Galen, video installation artist Marco Brambilla explores the human condition in his latest #film, The Four Temperaments. Starring Academy-Award winner Cate Blanchett, Brambilla uses color to evoke the Four Humors. In this beguiling quadriptych, the artist tests whether it is possible to create drama using two lines of dialogue spoken by the same actor. This project is part of Unreal City—the biggest augmented reality #exhibition to come to #London. #artoftheday