is a Kurdish visual artist based in #Germany. Her work spans multiple platforms, #3D modelling, #digital sculpting and video. Much of her work focuses on the subconscious inner realm, post-internet aesthetics and network culture, Kurdish iconography and imagery and it’s visual digitisation.
Hi, I am Gundula Blumi, a visual artist based in #Berlin, #Germany, and I love it to explore the space between fantasy and reality. For this I play with the medium of #photography. My pictures are created by the interaction of photography, special lights and prismatic lenses, water and colour. I work both analog and #digital.
has expanded from its roots in Cologne, #Germany to become an international gallery dedicated to exhibiting the very best in groundbreaking modern and contemporary art. With galleries located in #Berlin Mitte, #London’s Mayfair and the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles – as well as an office in Cologne and an outpost in Hong Kong – Sprüth Magers retains close ties with the studios and communities of the #German and #American artists who form the core of its roster.
I’m a #software developer currently living in #Germany. My focus nowadays is the web, but I love to tinker with electronics, learn new programming languages and platforms. I will try out anything tech-related I find interesting.
With over twelve years of experience in IT, I’ve changed several #technology stacks during that time. To mention all of it would be out of this scope, so I’ll leave it for a future entry (read: there’s a high chance it won’t happen). In my career, I worked both as an independent freelancer and a full-time employee for some pretty cool companies.
I take great interest in the impact of technology on #society and #politics. As a person who’s fascinated with ones and zeroes from an early age, I always liked to think about how we can make this world a better place through tech.
Are children better off than their parents? This highly debated question in #politics and economics is investigated by analysing the trends in absolute and relative intergenerational labour income mobility for #Germany and the US. High quality panel data is used for this purpose; the SOEP for Germany and the PSID for the US. In Germany, 67% of sons born between 1955 and 1975 earned a significantly higher real long-run labour income than their fathers. Those with fathers from the lowest earnings bracket were particularly mobile in absolute terms. In contrast, the fraction of US sons earning more than their fathers is 60% on average for the same cohorts. Their share decreased from 66% in the 1956–60 birth cohort to 48% in the 1971–75 birth cohort, while it changed very little in Germany. Overall, absolute as well as relative labour income mobility is larger in Germany than in the US.
is an independent research and strategy organisation based in #Berlin, #Germany. We see all infrastructure as power and technologies as societal accelerants. We develop unique understandings of the relationships between societies and their technologies. #technology #design #article
#Germany has found ways to display problematic monuments without elevating them. #history