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Most of you know what "objectivism" is. Ayn Rand and all that shit that underlined much of the political, economical, social and in particular lots of technological development in the last 40 years. Many of the high-tech gurus and CEOs subscribed to the theory.
And it worked. We live in an exciting world.
Rational individualism is what mainly drove all that development. Now what?

Well, if I may boldly proclaim that objectivism is dead now, in my view we are a few years deep into "postobjectivism" already. Reality TV and Instagram stars, all that is the product of objectivism, not it anymore.

If once, me, an old man now, learned about "media being the message", objectivism and The Internet transformed that into "individual being the media, thus individual controlling the message", and I took part in that. I was very proud of doing what I was doing until the rise of social media and new generations growing up with it.

The individual and the message are one now, so postobjectivism it is. Instead of individual, moral responsibility that comes with "individual being the media", the individual lost itself in the [social] media completely. And, anything can be a message, as long as someone subscribes to it, however bizarre or stupid. It doesn't matter at all. It's likes and follows. That is ALL that matters...

The result is nothing I hoped it would be. Some of it yes, but even I am surprised. I will post things representing my view under #postobjectivism for future reference.

2018-11-19 http://lh4.ggpht.com/-qrkJfCIRDGo/VNI9W45OUPI/AAAAAAAA_MQ/izrsDVTOc3E/monument-soviet-army-sofia-7%25255B6%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800 In Bulgaria. Police are now guarding the monument due to frequent "political vandalism". #streetart
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