2020-6-3 Something I did: *the oldest standing bookshop in Jerusalem #design #code #blog_me
2020-7-12 #magazine
2020-4-20 is art and #design with a love for elaborate, extraordinary objects. Pieces are designed for interaction and have the ability to interrupt everyday life for a moment. #Painting is a meditative act of repetition. Some people are surprised, others disgusted, others are attracted and fascinated by the realness of the ants. #artoftheday
2019-12-31 RIP #wikiarticle
2019-3-20 https://66.media.tumblr.com/d97988565287b12e1629e0127ab166ca/tumblr_pnhs95ibd21slr2p9o1_1280.jpg #poster
Architecture, art and design - 100 years of the Bauhaus | DW Documentary #documentary
2018-10-5 https://66.media.tumblr.com/a40861f6b113bbfd7a395febdf1c76e7/tumblr_om7ctgX6Nq1qznlfio1_500.jpg #poster
2018-10-5 https://66.media.tumblr.com/6dbf0fa3dd93920a008ade6d17967c0c/tumblr_pg4vnnkNC81r6ivyno1_500.jpg #poster
2018-9-5 https://webmedia.westkowloon.hk/media/w1400h1400/7b.jpg
2020-9-25 The past two years were a wild chase for answers. I read books, looked at art, listened to my heroes, and sketched out scratchy thoughts of my own to search for any sensible response to a question that had been lodged in my head for months: What does it mean to natively #design for screens? #article