is a collection of visual archives aimed at developing a phenomenological approach in our consumption of content. By escaping from the standardization and the submission to a Western vision, this atlas purpose is to reconcile us with our emotions, and help us develop our imaginary.
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2021-10-22 #article
is a photographer currently based in #London, hailing from Cornwall. Interested in exploring the human body in relation to the natural form, a strong focus on the female gaze is maintained throughout her work. Through a juxtaposition of colour and storytelling with surreal undertones, she aims to bring curiosity and observance to her vision. She is involved in all aspects of the image making process, from concept, art direction, casting and darkroom printing, a one-woman force.
Hi, I am Gundula Blumi, a visual artist based in #Berlin, #Germany, and I love it to explore the space between fantasy and reality. For this I play with the medium of #photography. My pictures are created by the interaction of photography, special lights and prismatic lenses, water and colour. I work both analog and #digital.
2021-10-15 #magazine
2021-10-13 #artoftheday
https://hoarding.altneu.me/lampin.0/uploads/image/thomas-pesquet-iss-blue-light-800x420.jpg Astronaut Thomas Pesquet has photographed a rare blue “transient luminous event” over Europe that was captured as part of a timelapse he shot from on board the International Space Station (ISS). #science
https://64.media.tumblr.com/805019bdd5374e43fce5c2ab0372d950/4fe1fcdbf4376e76-fe/s500x750/69c161cf4101f025c4c8ae15d4ee323992d4fee3.jpg Wei Fu/Royal Society of Biology
The BepiColombo mission snapped this photo of Mercury on October 1st. ESA/BepiColombo/MTM #science #photography
https://i.imgur.com/obSo7J9.jpg Tina & Janis, 1968
(b.1994) is an #American #visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Brendon spent his childhood in an isolated community where he developed his distinct style and interest in vacant and decaying places. His work focuses on the side effects of cultural isolation and the concept of liminal space. Experienced in shooting fine art, #documentary and #fashion #photography his work has been featured internationally in galleries and numerous publications.