2020-4-23 The #animation on innerwolf.space is an endless collage of #photography uploaded by all previous visitors.
2020-1-24 is an ever-growing, participatory archive of old exercise books that allows everyone to discover the #history, #education, and daily life of children and youth of the past through this unique material.
The #archive includes hundreds of exercise #books from more than 30 different countries and dated from the late 1700s to the early 2000s. It is preserved and managed by the Milan-based NPO Quaderni Aperti (literally, Open Exercise Books).
2020-1-19 is a growing database that currently contains over 1,800 Brutalist buildings.
2019-2-4 #architecture
2020-8-17 The Archive was founded by Rob Saunders, a collector of the letter arts for over 40 years, as a place to share his private collection with the public. #design #typography
2020-8-16 Using the neural-net tool Artbreeder, Photoshop and historical references, I have created photoreal portraits of Roman Emperors. #history