July 19, 2019
https://www.hoarding.altneu.me/hoardboard/images/2019/07/19/pnd-lowres-pic.png Get yours HERE.
July 19, 2019
*Also in the news: New version is out, auto hashtags, better search, YT playlists embedding support, etc. and all that shit...
July 16, 2019
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July 9, 2019
July 9, 2019
https://www.hoarding.altneu.me/hoardboard/images/2019/07/09/epstein-joker-fullfb652bd2d0e2be41.png Joker Epstein, Digital Collage, 2019 by me[at]altneu[dot]me #blog.me #picoftheday
July 3, 2019
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June 18, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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May 31, 2019
And there you have it:
May 31, 2019
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May 14, 2019
Poetry Reading @ Aleph, Jerusalem 2017
May 12, 2019

Beetroot Salad / Side Dish #recipe.me

Boil 5-7 medium size beetroots cut in half until your fork glides through when poked. Add sea salt to the water. Mash and  [...] MORE
May 10, 2019

I admit. (*like anyone cares)

I am very "old-school" when it comes to Internet development. For example, I love and still use  [...] MORE