2020-1-31 Our goal is to promote usage and support of the UTF-8 encoding and to convince that it should be the default choice of encoding for storing text strings in memory or on disk, for communication and all other uses. #siteoftheday
Sonnyjim & Giallo Point - No Visible Means Of Income (Album) #fullalbum
Alexander Marcus - Rastafari (Official Video) #over9000
2020-1-31 https://www.hoarding.altneu.me/hoardboard/images/2020/01/31/20200130_130113.jpg #photography by Yana Milinevsky #picoftheday
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2020-1-31 Discover your character
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2020-1-31 Boston, 20, was in court Monday in Wilson County, Tennessee, facing a simple marijuana possession charge, according to Wilson County Sheriff's Department Lt. Scott Moore. But as he stood to face Judge Haywood Barry, he began expressing his views on why weed should be legalized.
And to amplify his point, he reached into his jacket and slipped out a single marijuana cigarette. He then pulled out a box of matches and, you guessed it, lit it up.
What Does Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina Smell Like #over9000